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Sound of the nation

Image Now | RTÉ 2FM
Image Now | RTÉ 2FM
Image Now | RTÉ 2FM
Image Now | RTÉ 2FM
Image Now | RTÉ 2FM
Image Now | RTÉ 2FM


Creating the sound of the nation.

Image Now met with RTÉ 2FM over 18 months to create a strategy and territory for the brand to own and live by daily. This territory had to be honest in its appeal and generate a positive change in mindset and appearance. Most importantly, this strategic piece needed to make 2FM a viable brand in the marketplace and a top competitor amongst its peers.

Following this strategic piece, we created a refreshed identity for 2FM that gave the brand greater meaning and substance in-and-outside of radio. The goal was (and continues to be) to develop 2FM as a ‘hub of nourishing information and entertainment’ and create a brand to excite all the senses, not just sound
transforming it from a traditional FM station to a digital DAB media outlet.


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