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Image Now | Java Republic
Image Now | Java Republic
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Image Now was appointed as brand partners to create a powerful strategic positioning, brand story and a flexible brand platform for Java Republic. It was time to reinvigorate the 20-year-old brand and make it relevant to new generations of coffee and tea consumers across an ever-growing and competitive landscape.

The Solution
We revisited the brand's roots and discovered a rich story of passion, idealism, and rebellion. Our strategic process outlined a detailed brand review including international competitive and benchmark studies, communications audit, consultative interviews, workshops, surveys with employees, customers, partners, and clients.

We also identified a number of key customer journeys to identify key areas of focus that would deliver the maximum impact for the brand.

Based on the key insights and truths uncovered, we developed a brand strategy outlining the vision, mission and values that sets the foundation for the brand.

Drawing on passion, rebellion, idealism, and quality, we created a positioning, story and aesthetic that allowed Java Republic to truly communicate who they are and what they represent to their customers. This culminated in the mantra – 'Coffee for the People, by the Coffee People’.

To deliver on the brand positioning, we had to re-engineer the brand experience.

We revisited the tone of voice, enlivened their colour palette and collaborated with illustrators and photographers to create a range of vibrant and sophisticated assets to use across their packaging, stationary, livery and brochureware. The packaging rebrand included cups, bags, cartons, labels, sugar and biscuits. Through playful photography, modernised layouts and considered copy, we captured the brand ethos and developed a digital platform to target existing and future customers through bespoke landing pages and targeted digital ads.

The brand positioning, alongside other company-wide initiatives, have been transformative for their clients, staff and partners.

Strategy and Insight
Trend Analysis
Brand Strategy Framework

Brand Identity
Tagline Development
Full Brand Refresh

Brand Rollout, Planning and Execution
Employee Engagement and Training
Brand Guardianship