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The channel goes from strength to strength. As the original ambitions for the channel were realised, others emerged. So too, the identity needed to signal the shift from new entrant channel to serious contender media group. As part of this repositioning, Image Now undertook a comprehensive review and analysis of international media group identity systems. The strategic insights informed the development of a monolithic Group identity that powerfully expressed TV3’s future ambitions, on and off air. Importantly, it determined that an identity that could, as the market consolidated, be extended to acquired channels was needed. The identity had to communicate the seriousness of the Group’s intent to stakeholders, especially investors, while also enhancing viewers’ enjoyment.  



Media brands have particular identity requirements. The fundamental decision is to select an identity system that serves the strategic objectives of the channel and the group. Then the design challenge is to create an identity attuned to the dynamic broadcast environment that distinctively brands the channel. As well as more than fulfilling its news and current affairs remit, TV3 engages thousands of viewers with a wide variety of contemporary entertainment, documentary, sport and drama programmes. So while the identity had to be visually striking and embody the spirit of the channel, it also had to be wrapped around diverse content, from news and current affairs to show-biz gossip.

In response to these needs, Image Now worked with the TV3 team to create a big, bold, confident 3 identity which is now evident right across the channel. The viewer experience is a good and visually distinctive one in homes with hundreds of channels available 24 hours a day. Such success has meant the channel staying very much in touch with contemporary culture, investing significantly in home production such as The Apprentice and Xposé and bringing the best of international programmes such as The X Factor and Coronation Street to an Irish audience.

As the market consolidated, the Group acquired Channel 6 and renamed it 3e. This acquisition needed to claim its own space while still being endorsed by the Group. Image Now developed a youthful, quirky identity for this young, eclectic channel watched today by 15-24 year olds, the mainstream audience of tomorrow.  




While the TV3 identity made its debut on the news, it’s now an integral part of continuity, current affairs programmes and entertainment. The distinctive, engaging continuity and station idents differentiate the channel and make the TV3 viewing experience a branded one. The identity is contemporary and has become an asset for TV3 as the station grows in stature and audience.

Image Now also works with the in-house production teams to develop virtual sets, programme identities and graphic packages for home produced programmes such as Midday, Midweek and The Morning Show and sponsored shows such Xposé, Tonight with Vincent Browne and Business Matters. History was made in November 2009 when TV3’s peak-time audience exceeded that of RTE. The extraordinarily popular home production, The Apprentice, was watched by 493,000 viewers, or 35% of the total Irish TV audience. Success has come to other Group channels too. Since the 3e channel was rebranded and its listings position improved, viewership has doubled. It broadcasts a daily news show aimed at young adults featuring top news stories, entertainment world news, top 10 downloads and YouTube videos.

The recent successes of TV3 and 3e confirm that manifesting strategic intent in identity can drive and accelerate change. When rooted in strategy and properly leveraged, identity has shown itself to be a force to encourage viewers to tune in, stay tuned and return to the channel, day and night. The Image Now work for TV3 has positively impacted on viewership and perceptions of the channels in the Group. The remote control is the harshest critic of them all and the Group’s success is proof positive that aligning strategy, identity and communications creates strong media brands.


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